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Recycle & Reward

Our Recycle and Reward program provides a unique way for our consumers to get invloved.

GEO Gives Back

Our passion for the environment has lead us to donate 1% of sales to charitable organizations.

Premium Quality

We want all our customers to feel confident that our brand provides both innovation and quality guaranteed.

E-Liquid Made in the USA

We produce premium pharmaceutical grade e-liquids made right here in the U.S.A.


Smart Design Environmentally Conscious.


A sleek, stylish, and modern design allows you to feel confident while enjoying the new e-cigarette. However, what makes this product stand alone is our commitment to sustainability. Developed to not only house the product, the container doubles as a recyclable housing to quickly send us back your used cartridges. Better yet, Geo has also made the commitment to reward our customers who participate in our recycling program with great incentives.

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A New Standard In Quality


Slim, Sleek and oh so smooth

Not only is our new Recyclable E-Cigarette designed to look good in your hand, but we’ve also added a few other features that truly make this a premium product.


We produce pharmaceutical grade e-liquids made right here in the U.S.A. This gives us the opportunity to create the best possible flavors with a clean smooth finish, and allows us to make sure every unit meets our high standards.


Our new Recyclable E-cigarette comes in two unique flavors of Regular and Menthol. We’ve also made it available in two nicotine strengths (High 18mg/ml, Max 24mg/ml) so you can choose the right combination for your individual taste.


The mouthpiece is lightweight, comfortable and allows you to use our product enjoying the natural feel your expect from a traditional product.


To guarantee you get the most out of each e-cig we’ve incorporated a high performance battery and cartomizer that will give you approximately 400 puff. This more than double some of the other brands on the market.


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      About Us

      The first and only electronic cigarette company passionate about innovating environmental products that contribute to a sustainable planet. Our alternative solutions are tasteful, attractive and superior to traditional products.

      GEO E-Cigs are created with YOU and the EARTH in mind.

      Join Geo to improve your life and the world around you. Those are improvements we can all feel good about.



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